How to pick up good sheep fur for ugg boots

The second is to clarify the concept of UGG Australia is currently the hottest UGG in the world, that is, the stars and beauty everywhere are hot pursuit of UGG, called UGG Australia.

But unfortunately, this is not an Australian brand, but a genuine American brand.

Many years ago, American gold miners came to Australia and saw people and workers at some farms in Australia wearing snow boots, pure wool and hand-made, comfortable and warm feet. The local people called uggboots.

After the Americans returned home, they applied for UGG patents and founded UGG Australia, a brand of snow boots, without Australian permission. In the following years, UGG Australia set off a wave of UGG snow boots around the world, sweeping the world.

On the Australian side, Australians have been angry with the American behavior, and several UGG handicraft workshop owners jointly appealed, the Americans sued the court, and refused to recognize the UGG Australia brand.