UGG launched two series of women’s shoes

V Irina, who has a shoe mouth, connects the POMPOM fur ball with the SWAROVSKI drill pin and the ornament pendant. The ingenious pin design also brings a wealth of innovative ways of dressing for this single item.

Britta, a collection of exotic Boho chic style, is based on the classic trimming series of best-selling styles, plus POMPOM fur ball ornament, highlighting the feminine temperament, more trimming, more fashionable.

Dakota, a convenient and easy-to-walk autumn and winter outfit, has been upgraded this year to a pair of beans and beans with ribbons and fluffy fur balls. It’s the perfect holiday gift for your family!

With waterproof leather and fur leather stitching Asley Waterproof, designed for extreme cold and adverse weather, with super traction and anti-skid rubber outsole, decorated with detachable super-large fur ball, so that you can concave in the ice and snow in a different modern style.