Australia Airline refuses passengers to enter the business class lounge with UGG.

Obviously, many guests do not understand the dress code in the lounge, and they support the stars, largely because they can not understand why Qantas would classify snowy boots as pajamas. However, in the face of the dissatisfaction and queries of the stars and netizens, Qantas has given few replies and relocated, but emphasized the fact that snowshoe is a kind of clothing banned on the lounge door signs.

“No one likes to be excluded, which we fully understand. But our lounge has always had a business casual dress code, which is in line with the dress code for most bars and restaurants.

In this way, snowshoe fans can wear snowshoe on many occasions to remove the business class lounge of Qantas from the applicable scenario, which can be a wide range of things to pay attention to snowshoe fans. According to Google’s 2007 Christmas Gift Search List, UGG snowshoes are the second most searched Christmas gift option after the iPhone X, but if travelers want to wear new snowshoes into the Qantas lounge, they may have to put an extra pair of shoes in their carry-on luggage.