How could UGG grow into an international luxury brand?

More than 30 years ago, at the beginning of the UGG brand, Smith did not know how to run an enterprise at all. He had only $200 on his body and ordered six samples of UGG shoes, but nobody thought the boots would catch on and he didn’t sell either.

But happy and ignorant Smith still has confidence in success. “We don’t care if we still haven’t sold a pair of shoes, we’re keen to imagine how rich we’re going to be, and Smith quickly realizes that Americans see sheepskin as a delicate, fragile material that they don’t wear on a rainy, snowy day like Australians, and that’s the primary reason it’s hard to sell. But Smith still believes in selling boots to surf stores from door to door in trucks during the surf race.

UGG boots eventually won public approval, but Smith found it was a seasonal product that could only be sold in winter. But he still believes in his products, doing odd jobs in the summer and selling UGG boots as soon as the weather gets cold.

Looking back on the years before the brand was founded, Smith thought it was his initial ignorance that kept him so motivated. “If I knew at the outset that there would be these barriers and barriers, I might give up, but ignorance makes this a reality. If I didn’t have this ignorance, you probably wouldn’t know UGG now.

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