UGG’s new sandals are really ugly.

The most intuitive contradiction between UGG and Teva is that when you wear a pair of wool sandals barefoot in autumn and winter, it’s hard not to wear a pair of thick socks to keep warm, but we all know that wearing is basically a human taboo, at least from the existing shoe size, it’s hard to be beautiful. The similarities between UGG and Teva are plausible: both come from Deckers, the parent company of the same outdoor footwear brand.

Both UGG and Teva are facing a dilemma: the seasonal nature of their core products is strong and they are becoming less and less fashionable. In the past, they’ve probably tried to make the next bomb, and the collaboration series has adopted a seemingly fashionable shooting style, but the resulting product has been confusing – this time not only giving up the good design, but also the function.

UGG, the U.S. snowshoe maker, announced recently that it has launched a series of “plush sandals” in collaboration with sport sandals brand Teva, which can be worn in autumn and winter. Once launched, it triggered a massive Tucao called “the ugliest shoes in the world”. The regular sandal version of the series costs $175 and the tall version costs $225. The price is close to the original price of a pair of Yeezy Boosts, but the shoes themselves are not convincing. In the face of the tide of bad reviews, UGG responded to the official Twitter: “You” re welcome, world.

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