UGG is an international high-end lifestyle brand

UGG, regardless of brand building or price, gives everyone a sense of luxury, and UGG in order to cater to its consumer groups, but also invited stars from China, the United States, South Korea to shoot fashion blockbusters, so that is considered the ugliest shoes UGG is full of fashion sense, such UGG gives consumers a certain visual impact.

But users say analysts believe the star’s interpretation is eye-catching, but if there are word-of-mouth reports and street pat-and-match performances, consumers will feel more connected and more likely to stimulate their desire to buy.

At present, women’s shoes market competition is very fierce, counterfeit products emerge in endlessly, the development of UGG is bound to broaden channels to expand the consumer population, UGG in men’s shoes, women’s shoes, parent-child shoes, children’s shoes and other aspects have been involved; on the other hand, UGG in footwear innovation on the road is also incessant, as early as 2011 launched high-heel shoes. It has overturned everyone’s consistent perception of snow boots.

UGG’s attempt to break through itself is certainly worth acknowledging, but UGG should communicate with consumers to create a new product more in line with their inner expectations, or can choose the IP that consumers like to create a star product.

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