Australia UGG snow boots continue to grow in China

Burlee, an UGG manufacturer on Australia’s Golden Coast, recently signed a contract to sell its high-end UGG snowshoes in China. Burlee CEO Richard Friedrichs told local media that the brand would open independent Burlee Snow Boots stores in mainland China and fully open up online sales channels in mainland China, including Tianmao and Jingdong Mall.

“China has a vibrant middle class that is expected to rise to as many as 850 million people,” Friedrich said. “And they all love Australian products and are willing to pay for high-quality products.”

Unlike ordinary UGG snowshoe, Burlee snowshoe is made of classic fabrics, even snakeskin hand-made high-grade UGG, and some will be inlaid on the surface of Swarovski crystal. The price of Burlee UGG is generally between $300-600 and the most expensive one is about $20 thousand.

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