Australian UGG enters Shenyang

On July 1, 2017, the famous Australian UGG brand entered Henglong Square in Shenyang’s Imperial City. Maybe the local people do not know much about SUTTONSUGG. The number of SUTTONSUGG stores in Australia is far more than that of UGGAustralia, and the sales volume is very large. The local people recognize this brand as an old brand in Australia.

SUTTON SUGG (Sutton Snow Boots) is Melbourne’s shoping center sales for five consecutive years ahead of the high-end snowshoe brand, but also Melbourne commercial center high-end consumer share of the snowshoe brand. SUTTONSUGG’s direct-operated physical stores are located in Melbourne Chinatown, Melbourne CBD, Melbourne Chinatown, Sydney Chinatown, Adelaide and other prosperous areas of Australia. The number of direct-operated physical stores ranks first in the Australian industry. At the same time, it is also a very early Australian UGG brand in China.

SUTTONSUGG’s products are mainly young, very fashionable, strong design ability, and reliable quality, the implementation of one-year quality assurance in Australia, is also the conscience of the UGG industry brand;

SUTTONSUGG Shop was designed by RPTECTURE, the most famous design team in Australian architectural design circle. RPTECTURE has won many international design awards. Among them, SUTTONSUGG-Melbourne CBD Shop successfully won the silver medal of Melbourne Design Competition in 2016. The shop design inspiration comes from American Antelope Valley. The design team makes use of the distribution method of the large ripple color block of water flow, and cuts the space out of the sense of hierarchy according to the decoration process requirement within 1 mm error, making the whole space appear ghostly and magical.

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