Ugg opens its online store on

Speaking of UGG shoes and boots, we have to mention the classic snow boots, which is the most famous UGG card in the consumer group. Many consumers call it the “Winter Lifetime Pills,” in addition to the high value of continuous online, Battle Strength and thermal power has become the best choice, this season’s special discount, of course, it is indispensable. The original price of 1200 yuan of classic snow boots, special discount during the opening of a 30% discount, the best quality goods in the only goods.

In addition to the well-known series of snow boots, bean shoes will also be the end of the season special offer for users to bring the most comfortable foot experience. Many consumers say: UGG’s peas shoes have subverted their perception of single shoes and their comfort level is full. Whether it’s the simplicity of British style or the cuteness of girls, UGG products always convey a careful insight into consumer demand and ultimate concern.

Of course, this season’s end-of-season special is not just the autumn and winter series. It’s the end of summer and the beginning of autumn when a pair of comfortable and soft slippers will surprise you. With candy color settings and exquisite uppers, UGG’s furry slippers will be the next shiny business card.

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