This is a pair of UGG New Shoes

In autumn and winter, the weather is getting cold. It’s time to change the shoe cabinet. At this point, you love to shop or pose, you need a pair of good-looking and comfortable warm enough to suck in the eyes of the new shoes, in the care of both feet at the same time, to become the focus of the street. UGG’s Da La La series launched this quarter is just a pair of shoes with warm colors. So what kind of shoes do these Angelababy UGG demonstrate on their own feet?

First of all, in the selection of materials, the choice of turn-over fur upper, the shoe is up to 17 mm sheepskin lining, the sole of the use of Light-wing technology rubber mold outsole, excellent flexibility, with UGG unique design of the sole, making the shoes as a whole lightweight wear-resistant, comfortable and soft, one foot as if walking between the clouds, not allowed Easy to feel tired. Slant heel with UGGLOGO logo, low-key and clearly marked authentic UGG identity, can better help buyers to identify this pair of UGG new products.

The appearance of the new UGG shoes is even more unique. In addition to generally following the classic design of UGG, it is worth mentioning that this new UGG shoe has an ingenious pair of ELF ears made of soft sheepskin on the upper! Think about putting on such a pair of shoes, whether they are casual shoes or boots, shuttling through the snow, with the soft sheepskin ears on the shoes. Your pace and beat, the whole person’s heart has become particularly soft and beautiful up, minute incarnation of lovely snow elf, dynamic and spiritual.

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