How could UGG grow into an international luxury brand?

More than 30 years ago, at the beginning of the UGG brand, Smith did not know how to run an enterprise at all. He had only $200 on his body and ordered six samples of UGG shoes, but nobody thought the boots would catch on and he didn’t sell either.

But happy and ignorant Smith still has confidence in success. “We don’t care if we still haven’t sold a pair of shoes, we’re keen to imagine how rich we’re going to be, and Smith quickly realizes that Americans see sheepskin as a delicate, fragile material that they don’t wear on a rainy, snowy day like Australians, and that’s the primary reason it’s hard to sell. But Smith still believes in selling boots to surf stores from door to door in trucks during the surf race.

UGG boots eventually won public approval, but Smith found it was a seasonal product that could only be sold in winter. But he still believes in his products, doing odd jobs in the summer and selling UGG boots as soon as the weather gets cold.

Looking back on the years before the brand was founded, Smith thought it was his initial ignorance that kept him so motivated. “If I knew at the outset that there would be these barriers and barriers, I might give up, but ignorance makes this a reality. If I didn’t have this ignorance, you probably wouldn’t know UGG now.

How to pick up good sheep fur for ugg boots

The second is to clarify the concept of UGG Australia is currently the hottest UGG in the world, that is, the stars and beauty everywhere are hot pursuit of UGG, called UGG Australia.

But unfortunately, this is not an Australian brand, but a genuine American brand.

Many years ago, American gold miners came to Australia and saw people and workers at some farms in Australia wearing snow boots, pure wool and hand-made, comfortable and warm feet. The local people called uggboots.

After the Americans returned home, they applied for UGG patents and founded UGG Australia, a brand of snow boots, without Australian permission. In the following years, UGG Australia set off a wave of UGG snow boots around the world, sweeping the world.

On the Australian side, Australians have been angry with the American behavior, and several UGG handicraft workshop owners jointly appealed, the Americans sued the court, and refused to recognize the UGG Australia brand.

UGG’s new sandals are really ugly.

The most intuitive contradiction between UGG and Teva is that when you wear a pair of wool sandals barefoot in autumn and winter, it’s hard not to wear a pair of thick socks to keep warm, but we all know that wearing is basically a human taboo, at least from the existing shoe size, it’s hard to be beautiful. The similarities between UGG and Teva are plausible: both come from Deckers, the parent company of the same outdoor footwear brand.

Both UGG and Teva are facing a dilemma: the seasonal nature of their core products is strong and they are becoming less and less fashionable. In the past, they’ve probably tried to make the next bomb, and the collaboration series has adopted a seemingly fashionable shooting style, but the resulting product has been confusing – this time not only giving up the good design, but also the function.

UGG, the U.S. snowshoe maker, announced recently that it has launched a series of “plush sandals” in collaboration with sport sandals brand Teva, which can be worn in autumn and winter. Once launched, it triggered a massive Tucao called “the ugliest shoes in the world”. The regular sandal version of the series costs $175 and the tall version costs $225. The price is close to the original price of a pair of Yeezy Boosts, but the shoes themselves are not convincing. In the face of the tide of bad reviews, UGG responded to the official Twitter: “You” re welcome, world.

UGG is an international high-end lifestyle brand

UGG, regardless of brand building or price, gives everyone a sense of luxury, and UGG in order to cater to its consumer groups, but also invited stars from China, the United States, South Korea to shoot fashion blockbusters, so that is considered the ugliest shoes UGG is full of fashion sense, such UGG gives consumers a certain visual impact.

But users say analysts believe the star’s interpretation is eye-catching, but if there are word-of-mouth reports and street pat-and-match performances, consumers will feel more connected and more likely to stimulate their desire to buy.

At present, women’s shoes market competition is very fierce, counterfeit products emerge in endlessly, the development of UGG is bound to broaden channels to expand the consumer population, UGG in men’s shoes, women’s shoes, parent-child shoes, children’s shoes and other aspects have been involved; on the other hand, UGG in footwear innovation on the road is also incessant, as early as 2011 launched high-heel shoes. It has overturned everyone’s consistent perception of snow boots.

UGG’s attempt to break through itself is certainly worth acknowledging, but UGG should communicate with consumers to create a new product more in line with their inner expectations, or can choose the IP that consumers like to create a star product.

Australia UGG snow boots continue to grow in China

Burlee, an UGG manufacturer on Australia’s Golden Coast, recently signed a contract to sell its high-end UGG snowshoes in China. Burlee CEO Richard Friedrichs told local media that the brand would open independent Burlee Snow Boots stores in mainland China and fully open up online sales channels in mainland China, including Tianmao and Jingdong Mall.

“China has a vibrant middle class that is expected to rise to as many as 850 million people,” Friedrich said. “And they all love Australian products and are willing to pay for high-quality products.”

Unlike ordinary UGG snowshoe, Burlee snowshoe is made of classic fabrics, even snakeskin hand-made high-grade UGG, and some will be inlaid on the surface of Swarovski crystal. The price of Burlee UGG is generally between $300-600 and the most expensive one is about $20 thousand.

Australian UGG enters Shenyang

On July 1, 2017, the famous Australian UGG brand entered Henglong Square in Shenyang’s Imperial City. Maybe the local people do not know much about SUTTONSUGG. The number of SUTTONSUGG stores in Australia is far more than that of UGGAustralia, and the sales volume is very large. The local people recognize this brand as an old brand in Australia.

SUTTON SUGG (Sutton Snow Boots) is Melbourne’s shoping center sales for five consecutive years ahead of the high-end snowshoe brand, but also Melbourne commercial center high-end consumer share of the snowshoe brand. SUTTONSUGG’s direct-operated physical stores are located in Melbourne Chinatown, Melbourne CBD, Melbourne Chinatown, Sydney Chinatown, Adelaide and other prosperous areas of Australia. The number of direct-operated physical stores ranks first in the Australian industry. At the same time, it is also a very early Australian UGG brand in China.

SUTTONSUGG’s products are mainly young, very fashionable, strong design ability, and reliable quality, the implementation of one-year quality assurance in Australia, is also the conscience of the UGG industry brand;

SUTTONSUGG Shop was designed by RPTECTURE, the most famous design team in Australian architectural design circle. RPTECTURE has won many international design awards. Among them, SUTTONSUGG-Melbourne CBD Shop successfully won the silver medal of Melbourne Design Competition in 2016. The shop design inspiration comes from American Antelope Valley. The design team makes use of the distribution method of the large ripple color block of water flow, and cuts the space out of the sense of hierarchy according to the decoration process requirement within 1 mm error, making the whole space appear ghostly and magical.

UGG launched two series of women’s shoes

V Irina, who has a shoe mouth, connects the POMPOM fur ball with the SWAROVSKI drill pin and the ornament pendant. The ingenious pin design also brings a wealth of innovative ways of dressing for this single item.

Britta, a collection of exotic Boho chic style, is based on the classic trimming series of best-selling styles, plus POMPOM fur ball ornament, highlighting the feminine temperament, more trimming, more fashionable.

Dakota, a convenient and easy-to-walk autumn and winter outfit, has been upgraded this year to a pair of beans and beans with ribbons and fluffy fur balls. It’s the perfect holiday gift for your family!

With waterproof leather and fur leather stitching Asley Waterproof, designed for extreme cold and adverse weather, with super traction and anti-skid rubber outsole, decorated with detachable super-large fur ball, so that you can concave in the ice and snow in a different modern style.

Ugg’s parent company’s sale plan was halted

Influenced by the news, the share price of Deckers Group (NYSE: DECK) plunged 6.5% to $65.5 per share after the day, with a current market value of about $2.2 billion.

In February, Marcato Capital, a radical investor, joined Sequoia Capital, another shareholder, in an open letter to the group’s management after buying a 6% stake in Deckers, demanding a sell-off, otherwise a new group of directors would be nominated to replace the existing board.

Analysts at Susquehanna Financial Group said in a report that, given the lack of innovation, overproduction and poor performance of Ugg, the core brand of Deckers Group, it is difficult for strategic buyers to be willing to buy, and suggested that Deckers Group make major changes and strategic adjustments to its brands as soon as possible to restore profitability and growth.

In the Chinese market, UGG formally invited Chinese actress Yang Ying Angelababy as a brand spokesman at the end of August this year. This is also the first time that since the establishment of UGG in 1978, Chinese stars have been used as brand spokesmen. According to the data, UGG with annual sales of more than $1 billion worldwide now has more than 137 boutique retail and Aulai stores in first-tier cities such as New York, Paris, London, Tokyo and Beijing, and more than 1000 outlets worldwide.

Australia Airline refuses passengers to enter the business class lounge with UGG.

Obviously, many guests do not understand the dress code in the lounge, and they support the stars, largely because they can not understand why Qantas would classify snowy boots as pajamas. However, in the face of the dissatisfaction and queries of the stars and netizens, Qantas has given few replies and relocated, but emphasized the fact that snowshoe is a kind of clothing banned on the lounge door signs.

“No one likes to be excluded, which we fully understand. But our lounge has always had a business casual dress code, which is in line with the dress code for most bars and restaurants.

In this way, snowshoe fans can wear snowshoe on many occasions to remove the business class lounge of Qantas from the applicable scenario, which can be a wide range of things to pay attention to snowshoe fans. According to Google’s 2007 Christmas Gift Search List, UGG snowshoes are the second most searched Christmas gift option after the iPhone X, but if travelers want to wear new snowshoes into the Qantas lounge, they may have to put an extra pair of shoes in their carry-on luggage.

Ugg opens its online store on

Speaking of UGG shoes and boots, we have to mention the classic snow boots, which is the most famous UGG card in the consumer group. Many consumers call it the “Winter Lifetime Pills,” in addition to the high value of continuous online, Battle Strength and thermal power has become the best choice, this season’s special discount, of course, it is indispensable. The original price of 1200 yuan of classic snow boots, special discount during the opening of a 30% discount, the best quality goods in the only goods.

In addition to the well-known series of snow boots, bean shoes will also be the end of the season special offer for users to bring the most comfortable foot experience. Many consumers say: UGG’s peas shoes have subverted their perception of single shoes and their comfort level is full. Whether it’s the simplicity of British style or the cuteness of girls, UGG products always convey a careful insight into consumer demand and ultimate concern.

Of course, this season’s end-of-season special is not just the autumn and winter series. It’s the end of summer and the beginning of autumn when a pair of comfortable and soft slippers will surprise you. With candy color settings and exquisite uppers, UGG’s furry slippers will be the next shiny business card.